How to Be An Authorized Trainer


For over a decade students have been begging me to allow them to own a campus in their city.


Finally, I’ve decided to open up these opportunities to a select few of Handwriting University’s students in cities worldwide.

Announcing… The
Authorized Trainers Program


We know that hundreds of our students, graduates, and friends around the world are highly competent analyst and would be excellent teachers in your own home town.  Some of our most successful new business partners started their career from another handwriting analysis school or  different mentor.  Now, they have learned the USA based system and many have doubled their income because of the added value, prestige, and revenue created by being able to sell, teach, and train using the Handwriting University International curriculum.

Because of the success of our first two international campuses in Taipei Taiwan and Bangalore India, we are announcing a plan for any graduate to embark on a journey to qualify to become an Authorized Trainer and partner to Handwriting University International.

“How Can I Be A Part Of Your Team?”

I’m dedicated to selecting only the candidates who are most likely to achieve… that’s why we have a in-depth application process. And, yes, part of it includes a direct one-on-one conversation and a handwritten application.

Then, we have an Skype interview so that you can convince me that you have the resources and inner drive to do what it takes to be successful.


You don’t have to guess.

We know what works and what doesn’t work.

If you are accepted into the Authorized Trainers Program, here is what I share with you:


  • Reveal my marketing secrets which took me from an unknown author into the world’s leading handwriting expert.
  • Teach you the secret “business model” that turns any coach, teacher, or trainer into a 6 Figure Business owner.
  • Share my entire library of books and courses — so you don’t have to spend the next 10 years creating your own content.
  • Finally, you get to partner with me (Bart Baggett), Handwriting University and top trainers to benefit from the world’s most well-known and respected “handwriting analysis” and “personal transformation ” brand in the world.


However, this video that Bart Baggett created in 2014 will help you get a big picture of what you need to start doing in order to qualify.


The program will include training and consulting via phone, internet, and in-person to help you launch and grow your local Handwriting Analysis business and training center.  We are looking for long-term business partners in all parts  of the United States and the world.

We are now accepting applications from individuals in cities worldwide and will be having special introductory conversations with qualified candidates in various cities worldwide.  The program is called the Authorized Trainer Program.

Currently, we don’t publicly publish our criteria or our curriculum for earning the status and privilege to work in partnership with the Handwriting University Founder and Faculty.  You will need to submit an application and have a conversation with our Los Angeles based team about the cost, criteria, and if you qualify.  You could also work with an active Authorized Trainer in your area and get added personal support as you launch your business.  Just visit to find a mentor in your area.  Unlike other programs, we do not discourange many trainers in one town or area.  We have developed a formula where everyone succeeds and the pie gets larger each time a new Authorized trainer opens a business in your home town. This system creates more affluence, larger live events, and a larger sense of community.  So, if you want to be the first in you area, submit your application today.

After reviewing the above video, please submit the handwritten application and the refundable deposit. We only ask for the deposit to insure we are only working with serious people and nobody is wasting each other’s time.


P.S.  While we are very selective about who becomes our partners in various countries worldwide, we want you to become part of our community as a graduate and a An Authorized Mentor and work your way up to being a “Authorized Trainer” or “Autorized Campus Director.

As part of the program, you will learn more about our organization and local teachers.  Many people start out as a graduate and local speaker  years before they decide they want to join-up and partner with Handwriting University as an official Authorized Trainer and open a “campus”.

We even have something called a Marketing Mastermind program which allows you to learn the business of professional handwriting analysis whether or not you ever feel that “training” is your calling.



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